When Corien and I started the blog 5 years ago, our goal was to encourage and inspire more women to play more golf. It’s even how the clothing line got started. So when we saw the movement #inviteHER, we were thrilled to see others out there like us! Read More…

Front Page with Divot Magazine

Guess who made the front page?! This past month we wrote a press release to announce our new line of graphic tops and were incredibly surprised to see a snidbit of it made the cover of Divot Magazine. The actual PR is on page 18, check it out here. This is very exciting for us, because Divot Magazine is a well-established, fantastic publication. Yay team! Read More…

Girl’s Golf Tip #183: How to Watch the Masters Like a Pro

It’s Masters weekend, and we, of course, are super excited! My husband and I are planning a fun Sunday afternoon with friends propped right in front of the TV. So whether you’re planning a great big party or a cozy afternoon with you and a significant other, here are a few fun tips for how to watch the Masters like a pro.

Grab a Cocktail

First and foremost, make yourself a cocktail. An alcoholic version of an Arnold Palmer (aka a John Daly) might be your drink of choice, but I prefer something green, like this Sour Apple Tequila Margarita. It goes with the whole green jacket thing;)

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What You Need for Your First Round of Golf

With golf season just around the corner, it’s time to dust off the clubs and start preparing for the best time of year. If you’re new to golf and have decided that this is the year you’re going to learn how to play, congrats!! We’re so excited for you!

Here is a basic list of everything you’ll need to be prepared for your round. Don’t worry, there’s no fancy golf paraphernalia required!

Bump and Run | What you need for your first round of golf
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Five Simple Golf Tips for Beginners

Golf Tips for the Beginner

When you’re new to golf, the entire game can be overwhelming. Instructors, friends, partners, and even strangers, offer up advice on how to perfect your swing and hit the ball better.

We’ve been there. In fact, we didn’t want to hit the ball better. We just wanted to hit the ball! Read More…

Girl’s Golf Tip #276: Lighten Up!

Girls Golf Tip Lighten Up

Today we’re sharing one of our favorite golf tips. Maybe you’ve heard it before? We’re going to chat about it anyway, because it’s often forgotten and could single-handedly change your game.

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