Easter Peeptini

Easter is just around the corner, which means it’s that time of year when we can enjoy Peeps guilt free! Last year we combined the goodness of Rice Krispies and Peeps to make these colorful treats, but this year we’re going a little more adult. Introducing the easiest holiday cocktail you will ever make – the Easter Peeptini!

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Trendspotting: Tea Sommeliers

Last week I watched an amazing documentary called Somm. It follows a small group of wine experts who are studying to reach Master Sommelier status. Not an easy feat considering there are less than 200 in the world! The Mr. loves to pair wine with food and he’s admittedly quite good at it, but these guys take it to another level entirely!

Of course, we’ve all heard of pairing wine with food, but did you know that there’s a new trend happening that replaces wine with tea?!? Yup, tea sommeliers are now a thing! Who knew?

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Braving the Storm + Hurricane Recipe

By the time the Mr. and I arrived in the Cayman Islands in 2006, it had become a well-oiled (always-ready-for-a-hurricane) machine. After Category 5 Ivan devastated the island in 2004, the residents and businesses were quick to board up their homes and buildings for each and every storm. It was pretty remarkable to see. So out of concern in our first year on the island, we had decided to evacuate with every storm, regardless of its category level.

Well, after a couple unnecessary flights fleeing off to the Bahamas or Miami, we decided “okay, cat 3 or higher, we’ll leave.”

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Mango Margaritas

It’s Bre’s birthday today and with Cinqo de Mayo tomorrow, we’ve decided to celebrate both with a delicious tropical cocktail! Living in Barbados, we’re lucky enough to have access to fresh mangos almost year-round. So we plucked a few from a tree in Bre’s backyard and gathered some limes from a tree in Ree’s, and got to making yummy mango margaritas! It couldn’t be easier!

Mango Margaritas

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The Bookcase Bar

For the person who loves to entertain, a well-stocked bar is a must. Spirits and wines that cater to a variety of tastes help to keep the conversation and good times flowing. Bartender guides, mixology tools and, of course, beautiful stemware are all must haves for the at-home bar. The question is: where do you store it all? Keeping it on display and within reach can certainly be a design challenge. 

Bar carts or trays, fully stocked and extravagant basement bars, or a corner on the dining room buffet are all fantastic options. 

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Drinks by the Fireplace

Last night I had a cup of hot cocoa with my husband. It was rainy and there was a chill in the air that just called for something warm (and sweet) to drink. I know it sounds crazy, but the winters in Barbados (which sadly only lasts 3 months) can actually get cold. Usually it’s only at night, but when temperatures regularly fall somewhere around 85 for the majority of the year, having a night of 70 degrees calls for something toasty to drink.

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Champagne Basics

Bump day icon October is over, and soon holiday decorations will be lining the shelves. Christmas trees have been on sale at a local super store here now for over four weeks, and orders for real trees are being accepted by the suppliers on island as we speak! Crazy, right?

It’s time to start thinking about parties, celebrations, and enjoying the finer things in life, like the ever-classic Champagne. One of our very good friends here on island is originally from Reims, France (within the Champagne region). And after years of indulging in the sophisticated beverage and gaining a few tips from our dear friend, we’ve both come to adore the bubbly beverage.

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