It’s in the Bag: Gym Edition

It’s time for another round of “It’s in the Bag”! I’m a bit nosy and I love reading about the contents of someone else’s purse, tote, bag, whatever. So I only think it’s fair that I share every now then as well. Today, I’m revealing what I carry around in my gym bag!

It's in the Bag: Gym Edition

What I take to the gym depends greatly on what my workout plans are and what the rest of my day looks like. Sometimes, I only have time for a quick workout followed by a shower at the gym and then I’m off to work. Other days, it’s a full sweat session with my trainer. Regardless of my plans, these are the items that are in my bag 24/7.

It's in the Bag: Gym Edition

  1. I received this Lululemon bag as a gift from the Mr. and I love it! It holds everything I need, with tons of pockets and a separate bag for smelly shoes or clothing. It’s also a great size that works as carry-on or an overnight bag, and it even has straps for a yoga mat!
  2. An adjustable skipping rope gets my heart rate up and makes me feel like a kid again!
  3. I’ve always used workout gloves when I lift weights. I’ve had these Nike gloves for a few years now and, admittedly, they need to be replaced. I have my eye on these ones.
  4. I have no time for glamour at the gym! I wear my hair back and these no-slip headbands keep the strays in place and out of my face.
  5. I use this Garmin with the heart rate monitor when I’m on the treadmill. As a side note, I actually use it a lot for tennis as well. I like that it tracks distance run and not just steps taken on the court.
  6. The TRX is one of my favorite ways to work out! It’s perfect if the machines at the gym are busy and it’s super portable. Just find a secure place to attach it and you’re ready to go! Check out a great TRX workout here.
  7. I have some chronic piriformis issues and these two little rollers keep me mobile. I use the larger roller after a workout to keep lactic acid at bay and the little ball whenever a specific muscle needs to be loosened up.
  8. I love these shoes! They’re popular with runners, but I love them for the gym. They provide enough cushioning and traction for the treadmill and also are comfortable for a weight or plyometric workout too! 

What’s in your workout bag?

Do you wear a heart rate monitor?

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