A Super Easy DIY Fringe Necklace

When we joined up for the Creative Closet series to highlight fringe in fashion, I didn’t realize that I actually didn’t own anything with fringe. Nothing. Nadda. Not even a little whisper of fringe on anything in my closet. How could that be? It’s an incredibly fun way to add some life into any outfit, and I was completely missing out!

DIY Fringe Necklace

Thanks to limited shopping opportunities on our tiny island, I had to get creative. A few minutes on Pinterest and I found my answer. A gorgeous, and oh-so-easy diy fringe necklace! All you need is an old t-shirt (preferably one that is really soft), a chain or piece of leather, and some scissors.

Tip: For the chain, I bought a super long piece of brown leather from a beading store. It cost a grand total of $4 and the extra amount allowed me to ensure that I could adjust the length of the necklace once it was complete. It’s always better to have too much than not enough!

DIY Fringe Necklace

Cut off the bottom seam of the shirt and discard. Then cut one inch strips across the shirt, going from seam to seam. The more strips you cut, the fuller your necklace will be. For this look, I used approximately one-third of the t-shirt.

DIY Fringe Necklace

Once all of the strips are cut, cut off the side seams from each strip and discard them. This will turn one strip into two separate strips. 

DIY Fringe Necklace

Now that you have all of your strips, give them a stretch. This will make the fabric curl into itself, giving the strips a more rounded look. 

Tip: The softer the fabric, the more the fabric will curl. Check out the before and after photo below. The top is before stretching the fabric, and the bottom is after. What a difference!

DIY Fringe Necklace

Take the piece of chain or leather and start knotting the strips onto it. For this look, I did a very simple Lark’s Head knot. Start from the centre of the chain and add pieces on alternate sides. This will ensure you have an even amount of chain left on both sides. 

DIY Fringe Necklace

Make sure the knots are done the same way every time, creating a uniform look. Once all of your knots are complete, try the necklace on and cut off the chain at the desired length.

The last step is to trim off any uneven pieces. You can trim straight across, or you could create a beautiful “V” shaped necklace. 

Tip: Because the fabric has a lot of stretch to it, the pieces may not maintain their length. If you want to do a “V” shape, I would recommend using a stiffer fabric, such as suede.

DIY Fringe Necklace

And voila! Your fringe necklace is complete! How easy is that?

Do you DIY?

Do you have any fringe in your closet?

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    I don’t have any fringe in my closet either, but am seeing it pop up everywhere lately (must be all that festival fashion coming to the streets!). Love this–what a fun and easy to make project 🙂

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    Did my last comment not post?? Grrr…

    I love this–looks like a really fun and easy-to-make project 🙂 Also I love how festival fashion and everything boho is back in style. But that might just be because it speaks to my inner hippie 🙂 thanks for posting! Hope you had a great weekend!!

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