5K Recap

This past weekend was crazy! Friday was low-key with a wonderful homemade chicken parm dinner made by my husband. But then Saturday we had an early golf lesson for Gwyneth, followed by her first Taekwondo lesson (seriously CUTE!), lunch with friends, stopped by a children’s fair, and finished off the day with a night out with friends. We didn’t roll into bed until almost 2am! THEN Sunday we tried to sleep in in the morning, but two kids eager to start the day put an end to that dream quickly. So we were up at 7:30, packed a few boxes (our move is 10 days away), and then headed off to the Barbados 5K Globeathon race. 

It poured all day Sunday, which I was thrilled about because I love running in the rain and it has been particularly hot in Barbados this summer. But as our luck would have it, the rain stopped, the sun came out, and by race time, which was at 4pm, it was sweltering outside. Just standing there at the starting line, we were all sweating!

Before 5K Recap

~ before the race ~

I’m officially one month away from starting to taper for the NYC marathon so this race was a great way to get me mentally preparing for the big race in November. Even though it was a short run, I still had butterflies in my stomach, which I will no-doubt have plenty of during the marathon.

Starting Line 5K

~ lining up at the start ~

Because of the heat, almost immediately I got cramps – one on the left side of my stomach and one on the right side of my neck. After a couple minutes and a little water they went away, but what a way to start the race=( Even though I ran with my husband and a bunch of people from his office, we all spread out almost immediately. So I cranked up my music and just dug my way through the thick humidity (it was at 88% when we were running, btw – ugh). 

Time 5K

~ finish time ~ 

I finished completely drenched, in part from the water I kept dumping on myself, and with a time I’m really happy with. We all hung around at the finish line waiting for everyone to cross. It was also a walk so we all finished at different times. 

Finish Line 5K

~ finished! ~

Then it was off to celebrate with a beer and burger. 

Celebrate 5K

When the husband and I returned home, we flopped onto the couch, turned on some football, and crashed. I have to say the weekend’s events, the race, and the crazy heat took everything out of me. I was going to go running yesterday morning, but absolutely needed the sleep. This morning’s run went well; I’m back to my normal routine and am looking forward to finishing the hefty part of my training. 

How was your weekend? What’s the hottest race you’ve ever run in?

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Globe-athon is the only international movement focused on the prevention and early detection of all gynecological cancers including uterine (endometrial), cervical, ovarian, vaginal and vulvar. The movement to end women’s cancers is supported by international gynecologists, gynecological oncologists and doctors, as well as gynecological cancer survivors. During its second annual effort, Globe-athon occurs during four weeks in September with hundreds of events and educational seminars throughout the world.


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    I’m seriously so impressed you run so much in the tropical heat. The humidity alone would probably kill me (at least it does here in the summertime). I once tried to do a 5K in summer and seriously thought I was going to die. I think it was above 80 degrees before 8 AM. Not good!

    • 2

      We all joked that we had a pretty good chance of passing out! I’m hoping at least that the heat will have better prepared me for the gorgeous fall weather I’m expecting for the marathon. Watch, they’ll have a heat wave that day;)

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