2014 Rogers Cup Tennis Tournament Recap

Bump day icon A few weeks ago, before my adventures in Virginia & DC, I was lucky enough to attend a semi-finals match at the Rogers Cup in Toronto. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it’s a professional tennis event that Toronto and Montreal share each year. The ladies play in one city (this year it was Montreal,) and the men play in the other, and each year they switch. 

When I booked my holidays, I realized that I would be in Toronto for one of the days the men played and I couldn’t get my ticket fast enough! It’s no secret that I love tennis, but I’ve never seen the pros play in person. I was so excited! When I bought my ticket, I had no idea who would be playing. That’s the fun part – it’s a surprise! It all depends on how the players advance through the tournament. 

now that's a big racquet!

now that’s a big racquet!

By the time I landed in Toronto, I knew that my match would be between Jo-Wilfried Tsonga from France, and Grigor Dimitrov from  Bulgaria. They would duel it out on the court to play in the final. Unfortunately, I had an early flight the next day which prevented me from seeing the next semi-final between Roger Federer and David Ferrer, or the final match the next day, but I was happy to finally see a professional match in person!

Rogers Cup Collage

Before the match, I walked around the grounds to see the exhibitions. It was held at the Rexall Centre at York University and it was absolutely packed that afternoon! It was a hot, sunny day and I was surrounded by like-minded tennis fans. It was bliss! There were tons of booths, fun games, and even a place to shop for tennis gear. I picked up some super cute wrist bands and a Rogers Cup t-shirt, but the best shirt I saw was one for the Roger Federer fans. So clever.

Tennis merchandise

After I toured the venue, it was time to watch the first match. I grabbed a tropi-kale smoothie from Booster Juice, and settled in for the the men’s doubles semi-final. I was thrilled to find out that my seat was in a such great spot! I was super close to the court! And while I’m not a huge fan of doubles play, even though I play doubles twice a week in my clinics, it was so much fun to watch! The pros play so quick, each point is over in a flash. And the power! It was fantastic!

Rogers Cup

Doubles Match

doubles match

We had a break between matches, so I grabbed a quick lunch and killed time. What do tennis fans do while they’re waiting for a match? They watch tennis on tv of course! We all gathered around to watch the Williams sisters battle it out in Montreal.

Soon it was time for the big event. The stadium was full of energy and the Bulgarian fans certainly let their love for Dimitrov known! They were so much fun cheering and singing from the stands before the match.

Singles Match

Dimitrov (l) and Tsonga (r)

I was cheering for Tsonga, and he won the match in straight sets. I think the crowd, myself included, wanted the match to go on for longer, but alas, it ended quickly.  Unfortunately, the men only play three sets for most tournaments. They only play five sets in the Grand Slam tournaments, namely the the U.S. Open, Wimbeldon, the French Open, and the Australian Open.

Dimitrov Collage

Dimitrov serving

Tsonga went on to play Federer in the final the following day, and to my surprise, he won the tournament! I wish I was able to see Federer play. Maybe next time.

Tsonga Collage

Tsonga serving

While I was sad that I couldn’t see more matches in person, I’m currently getting my fill watching the U.S. Open on TV. The New York crowd is so much fun, and the matches are always exciting. I may have to add this tournament to my bucket list of those to see in person!

Tsonga with the win!

Tsonga with the win!

Do you have a favorite tennis player?

Will you be watching the U.S. Open?

Have you ever visited Toronto?




  1. 1

    Federer is my favourite player without a doubt…a real classy guy…watching the US open right now and for the next two weeks…been to the Rodgers Centre to watch tennis…love watching live matches.

    • 2

      I agree Linda! In the debate between Nadal and Federer, it’s Federer hands down. Right now my favourite player is Raonic. His serve is incredible! I’m glued to the tv every day watching the US Open, but it’s so much more fun watching them live. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

  2. 3

    The tennis lovers always looking to improve the overall tennis tournament experience by visiting the tournament personally. As you have shared your personal experience regarding a tennis tournament on this blog. Really, all of your written lines substantiate that you enjoyed a lot there and your experience influence the tennis lovers to visit a tennis tournament to enjoy the game very nearer to them. Many tournaments often have a variety of matches going on simultaneously, so a better way to figure out a schedule for viewing each tournament.

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